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John Taylor QC

I was very sad to hear last week that John Taylor passed away on Tuesday 6th May.

John was a great advocate and one of the most colourful members of the planning bar. He retired just over ten years ago after a splendid career in the course of which he not only had an influence […]

Why do we need the Planning Inspectorate’s guidance on planning agreements?

PINS has issued a Procedural Guide on Planning Appeals[1]. This is a guide for participants and includes guidance on section 106 agreements in the substantial Annexe N. It is particularly pleasing to see references with approval to The Law Society’s Model Planning Agreement. The guide also accepts the structure of that document which makes most […]

Community right to build orders encouraged

CRB prospectus

DCLG issued some interesting news just before the Jubilee weekend – £17 million of seed corn funding is being made available for community right to build orders. The money is not for development costs but for the costs of getting the order in place. Interestingly it is not payment per community organisation, but […]

Or are lawyers still the number 1 bogeymen?

The Commons debate on the NPPF threw up much adverse comment about the Inspectorate, but we lawyers came in for plenty as well.

I particularly liked Greg Clark’s reply when, having opened the debate with a list of congratulations from many former sworn enemies of the NPPF, he was asked by Roberta Blackman-Woods, Labour MP […]