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The information on this blog is not intended to be advice, legal or otherwise. You should not rely on it and I do not accept liability in connection with it. If you do have a planning law question on which you would like advice, seek legal advice from a suitably qualified solicitor. Specific advice should be sought for specific problems.

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David Brock is an author, lecturer, speaker and retired planning solicitor.  He worked for over 30 years in planning law. His first major project was Canary Wharf in 1985.

Other major projects include Kings Cross, Whatley Quarry, Cambourne New Settlement, East Kettering and the Rookery South energy from waste project. He was an Examining Inspector on the applications for Development Consent Orders for Northampton Gateway Strategic Railfreight Interchange and for Sizewell C Nuclear Power Station.

In May 2022 he was elected as a parish councillor in his local village with the second highest number of votes and now chairs its planning committee.

David is a Past Chair of the Law Society’s Planning and Environmental Law Committee.  He is researching and writing a book on the artists who worked in the South of France.  He also cycles up mountain passes, plays the cello and walks his golden labrador.  He is a practising Christian and speaks and teaches about the Christian faith.

WHAT IS thedavidbrockblog ?

It is a blog of David’s views and news on planning,  planning law and planning policy,  and on changes and developments. In David’s view we have a good planning system but it is not used to its full potential and is not well understood. The blog contains comment and reflection, but it’s not intended to be advice, legal or otherwise – please see the disclaimer.

WHY the picture of the Millau Viaduct?

Designed by Norman Foster and built by Eiffage, it is a spectacular viaduct. It is a tribute to daring design in a sensitive landscape, demonstrating what can be done. It is also a comment on our English approach to planning. Eiffage claim it took a very short time from applying for planning permission to completion. But if you look on the French Parlement website you can see that three schemes were considered and with environmental assessment the process took about ten years. Not dissimilar to Terminal 5 at Heathrow.


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David Brock can be contacted at david.brock@brockconsulting.co.uk .