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NPPF due in Budget Week

Has there been a hitch?  The word on the street last week was that the NPPF would be issued on Budget day, Wednesday 21st.  There were accompanying suggestions that the final draft was subject to comment from Treasury and BIS who were not happy.  So on the Andrew Marr Show yesterday George Osborne announced that it would be out in Budget week.

Leaving on one side the possibility that the Chancellor’s speech can’t be finished in a day, what could this mean?  Could it be that some work is going on around the rather difficult idea of transitional provisions?  I am looking forward to seeing those provisions as it strikes me as odd to phase in a new policy so as to allow local authorities to update their plans.  If the presumption in favour of sustainable development is to overrride non-compliant plans what will happen if at the end of the transitional period the plan has been amended, but is still non-compliant?


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